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Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Koplin

Koplin_R_006_45-72dpiBeing charged with a crime in Colorado is a serious matter with often long-lasting consequences. You need to have an experienced, knowledgeable, and compassionate advocate with strong legal skills as your attorney. You need a Denver Criminal Defense Attorney Ross Koplin to protect your rights, give you their full attention, and represent you aggressively with their experience and knowledge to obtain the best possible result for you.

Ross Koplin has over thirty years of experience practicing as a Denver criminal defense attorney. He is dedicated to providing clients an aggressive defense together with a compassionate understanding of their concerns and priorities. Some law offices have junior associates who actually provide legal representation to many firm clients. A person who retains the Law Office of Ross Koplin will never be assigned to a junior associate. That is simply not the way we provide representation. Rather, we are proud to be a small boutique law office that provides experienced, skilled, personal and professional representation to clients.

When a person first encounters law enforcement, that person has many rights. Many times these rights are inadvertently waived, often through a lack of understanding. Denver criminal attorney Ross Koplin knows that being arrested is not a conviction. He spends the time to focus on your case and analyze the evidence, allowing him to represent you properly and effectively with the respect you deserve.

The Law Office of Ross Koplin offers a free telephone consultation. If you have been charged with a crime in Colorado, or think that you might need a lawyer, please contact our office.