A Very Satisfied Client
5.0 stars

I recently engaged the services of Ross Koplin to advise and represent me in a traffic violation case in Douglas County Colorado court. I was very pleased with the way he handled the case and the outcome was better than I had expected. Ross Koplin was very straightforward, to the point, and prompt in every aspect of the process. I am pleased to recommend him highly.

Traffic Summons Defense

5.0 stars

Ross Koplin recently represented me on a Jefferson County, CO traffic matter. Mr. Koplin was very knowledgable about the options, including possible scenarios, and was an exceptionally good communicator throughout the approximately three month process. He resolved the matter with the DA to my satisfaction, meeting the expectations he set with me during my initial consultation. I appreciate Ross Koplin’s representation and recommend him.

Great job
5.0 stars

I received a speeding ticket and was

very close to lose my driver license and

thanks to Ross my case was resolved

and he saved my driver license .

Thank you very much !

Trustworthy, efficient, and friendly.
5.0 stars

I hired Ross this early fall, 2013, to represent me for a pretty fast speeding ticket, but had what felt like a bogus reckdriving charge and obstructed windshield charges attached to it (ticketing officer felt it necessary to throw the book at me, surprised I didn’t get a “crooked license plate” ticket too) . After initially consulting Ross over the phone, I decided it would be best to have representation given the possible punishment for my traffic offense considering my driving record.
Everything was convenient and Ross was able to get back to me in a very timely manner and discuss the in’s and out’s of what I was being charged with. Before the court date, Ross was able to answer all of my questions through my phone calls and e-mails. Communication was great and I was always in the loop. Ross went over a couple different scenarios and explained to me what I can expect from the courts given my situation/history.

Ross came back with a plea deal that I thought was very fair and my charges were reduced beyond what I was expecting. I would highly recommend Ross, he is thorough, patient, friendly, and brought me results I was very pleased with.

Highly Recommend Ross!!
5.0 stars

I received a speeding ticket (25+) and what I thought was an unfair reckdriving charge. I attended the first hearing representing myself and the court was not very sympathetic so I became very worried. My case was continued and I found Ross through an internet search. Ross replied quickly, was extremely professional, and handled every aspect of the case. The charges were dramatically reduced well beyond my expectations. What I paid in lawyer fees will be recouped due to a very low fine and insurance savings! I highly recommend Ross.

Great Experience
5.0 stars

This guy is awesome. I am from Chicago and I was driving through Colorado and got pulled over going more than 40 mph above the speed limit. I almost got arrested for it and my license almost got suspended. They wanted me to fly back to just ouside Denver for Court even though I am from llinois. I called Ross and he took care of everything. His service is just like valet parking. I didn’t even have to go to court. Couple months go by and Ross emails me with a link to pay my fine with my mastercard. than $200.00. Paid it. Case closed! Cost for services was reasonable. Strongly recommend Ross!

Traffic Ticket Defense
5.0 stars

I had not had a traffic ticket since 2007, and I was just hoping that Mr. Koplin was still in practice. I had used his services many times in the past with great results. I think many speed traps are unfair the way they are set up at the bottom of a hill, or in an obscure place when the limit drastically changes. If you go to court to try to help yourself, it really is a loosing battle and you will only be worse for it. With my busy schedule, I send emails, pay with Paypal, and Mr. Koplin just informs me of the results. The points are usually cut in half or better. With a system that is designed to be unfair, I think Mr. Koplin helps to even the playing field. As long as I am able to pay the fees, I would never handle any ticket without him.

“Ross is the boss” for traffic ticket help!
5.0 stars

I feel compelled to report on the wonderful experiences I have had with Ross Koplin representing me for help with traffic ticket issues. Ross is a credit to the legal profession. He was very helpful, very insightful, and provided very personalized service. Even though he is kept busy due to being in high-demand around the region, he made me feel like my case was at the top of his priority list, and he came through with top level results. Ross clearly is an expert with traffic defense and genuinely knows his way around the system. He obviously has relationships with the court and DMV staff, as well as their respect. He secured a remedy for me with the system that was beyond my expectations and really helped me tremendously. If you need legal defense in a traffic ticket situation, such as high point tickets or driving license suspension, do yourself a favor and hire Ross. You will be happy you did. Thanks Ross!

Excellent service and fast!
5.0 stars

Long story short, I had a suspended license (not knowing it at the time) and i got pulled over without insurance, missed the court date, and when i did show up, I was informed I would have to show up later while the State decided what to do with me, which could have been 5 – 10 days in jail, which would have caused me to miss my summer semester start date at school and failed before i even started. this all created a really bad furball for me.

Ross Koplin advised of what usually happened in these cases and set my mind more at ease. He also was very easy to reach anytime I needed, either via email or phone in my case. Out of the 20 or so contacts I had with him, I wasn’t able to reach him one time. He told me my next court date was June 21st. Today is the 15th of June. He emailed me today and told me he not only had taken care of everything and got my record cleaned down to a zero point minor charge (vs the 20 pts I was looking at), but he also sent me with an email with a direct link and all info I needed to pay my fee ($146 after my bail for bench warrant I posted originally). It was taken care of 6 days early, in a fast and friendly manner, and was always in touch me with updated information!

In short, Ross Koplin was THE MAN and really helped me through this. My intention was to settle this and face the consequences. He understood this and went above and beyond the call of duty in this case and handled this quite professionally with outstanding results for me.

5.0 stars

When I got pulled over for speeding 71 in a 45 (I was passing 2 cars down hill), I rec’d an 8 point ticket and a jury summons/arraignment. EIGHT POINTS. Ross Koplin not only reduced the charge, he got my case DISMISSED! No points, insurance company did not find out, no increase in insurance rates and my driving record is now almost perfect. He took the time to clearly and patiently explain the legal aspects of my case and my options. Ross personally took every one of my phone calls and took the time to answer all my questions, even though many were redundant and he never rushed me. Ross was always accessible to me every time I called. I am thrilled with the outcome and I highly recommend him.

Ross vs State Troopers
5.0 stars

Ross helped me remove citation from my record. I am Nebraskan who was wrongfully ticketed by Colorado State Troopers. Good job Ross, your help is appreciated….

As for Colorado State Troopers, nothing nice can be said about them, bunch of arrogant pricks ….do not pay their tickets…..hire Ross, he will fight them…

Pleased Client
5.0 stars

June 15, 2016I contacted Ross to consult on a traffic infraction that I had incurred which could have left me with misdemeanor charges therefore effecting my status at work. Ross walked me through the implications of such charge and his process in addressing the issues at hand. By engaging Ross I found him to always be very clear and responsive in answering all of my questions. I am happy to say that Ross kept my expectations in check and over delivered in the result of my case. Ross was ultimately able to reduce my charges to no points on my record and a minor violation in which I had to pay $121.00 for an initial charge that could have ultimately but me in jail for a short period if I had represented myself in court. I would recommend Ross to anyone who has found themselves in a traffic predicament.

Awesome Attorney!!!
5.0 stars

Mr koplin was able to take care of my ticket without me present because I am a long haul truck driver. It was greatly appreciated and I would use him again if needed…hopefully not!

Excellent Job!!
5.0 stars

I hired Ross to represent me in a Displaying Fictious Plates traffic case and I am more than satisfied with the outcome he was able to provide. Ross kept me updated and in contact throughout the entire process and in the end got my case reduced down. I’m a very happy client and Ross did an AMAZING job representing me in this matter, I highly recommend him! Thanks again Ross!

Excellent Lawyer
5.0 stars

I could not more highly recommend Ross Koplin if you have a serious traffic matter. I was charged with 28 points of violations, including two hit and run allegations arising out of the same event. Ross represented me both at the meeting with the DPD and in court. Ross succeeded in getting all of the charges dismissed – all 28 points. He has a strong knowledge of the law and, more importantly, a very strong knowledge of the traffic/criminal process and how to maneuver through it.

Very Pleased
5.0 stars

I got a speeding ticket….24 mph over the speed limit. I had also gotten a ticket 2 months prior so this was not a good situation. I hired Ross because I felt the ticket was unjust and the officer said I was going faster than I actually was. I gave the paperwork to Ross and I had to do nothing but wait. He handled everything and was able to get my points drastically reduced with a minimum court fine. I hope I don’t need his services again but if I do, I know he will take care of it.

Amazing Results
5.0 stars

I recently retained the services of Ross Koplin for a traffic violation in Aurora, CO. He is very professional and very knowledgeable. He kept me informed throughout the whole process and the outcome was beyond my expectations. He is worth it.

I Would Highly Recommend Ross Koplin
5.0 stars

Ross Koplin was a huge help on my traffic case. He is highly professional, kept me up to date on the case, always listened to my concerns, spent the extra time and effort in working with the DA to come to a more than reasonable conclusion and came through in helping me keep my license. What impressed me the most was that he always answered the phone – I was never sent to voice mail or had to wait for a response – something hard to find in this day and age. I would highly recommend Ross Kolpin. I feel lucky to have found him. I can’t say Thank You enough!

Traffic summons
5.0 stars

This is the second occasion we have engaged the services of Ross Kopin. As in our previous experience we were well represented by Ross. He is professional, knowledgeable, and extremely prompt and responsive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Ross to anyone in need of representation.

Very Happy with his Services!
5.0 stars

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Mr. Koplin, his experience and Expertise in traffic law is strongly recommended. The Preparation of my case was very well done, he assisted me and educated me Throughout the process off my case. he demonstrated professionalism integrity dignity and respect keeping me well informed and well update it. I feel fortunate to have found Mr. koplin he is an efficient and reliable attorney My sincerely appreciation to Mr. Koplin for the work done on my case and I am happy with the outcome.

Thank You so much… You are exceptional! Awesome Outstanding! Lawyer!