Why You Need a Criminal Lawyer

Individuals charged in Denver, Colorado misdemeanor and felony matters should carefully consider retaining a Criminal Defense Attorney. In addition to the possibility of incarceration, fines and other possible sanctions, a criminal conviction will normally be a part of an individual’s criminal history and may affect the ability of an individual to obtain certain types of employment, be admitted to certain educational programs, or obtain certain professional licenses.

Many individuals appear in Colorado criminal courts and attempt to represent themselves without the benefit of a Criminal Defense Lawyer. Often these individuals plead guilty to charges without the assistance of a competent attorney and without properly understanding the ramifications. An experienced Denver Criminal Lawyer like Ross Koplin can assist an individual by exploring and planning to present the best defense and to argue for that individual’s best defense in pre-trial proceedings, at a trial, and at post-trial proceedings, related to that criminal charge.

Many attorneys provide general services to individuals in all sorts of matters and may claim that they are criminal lawyers. However, in choosing a Denver attorney to represent you, care should be given to retain the services of a Denver Criminal Attorney who is experienced in the field of criminal law.

Ross Koplin is a Denver Criminal Lawyer who is experienced in defending individuals charged in Denver misdemeanor and other criminal matters!

In addition to his general knowledge as a Denver Criminal Attorney, and Denver Juvenile Lawyer, Ross Koplin also practices in the area of defending individuals accused in Colorado of Driving Under the Influence, otherwise known as D.U.I., or simply DUI, or the somewhat lesser charge of Driving While Ability Impaired, commonly referred to as D.W.A.I., or simply DWAI, and other traffic related matters. Penalties for D.U.I. can be severe and these penalties have become more severe in the last several years. It is important for an individual to know and fully understand their rights when charged with Driving Under the Influence and how best to present a strong defense. In such circumstances you need the assistance of a Denver Criminal Attorney, who is not only experienced in the defense of Denver criminal matters, but like Ross Koplin also has a background in defending those charged with DUI and other traffic related matters.

In addition to appearing for individuals in criminal court, and in the traffic court, Ross Koplin also represents individuals at Hearings at the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles. When an individual accumulates traffic tickets resulting in too many penalty points that person has a right to a Hearing, prior to any license suspension taking effect, at the Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles, otherwise known as the Colorado D.M.V. or simply Colorado DMV. Individuals are entitled to have a lawyer at such Colorado Division of Motor Vehicles Hearings. Ross Koplin has experience in representing individuals at Colorado DMV license suspension hearings and can assist you in advocating your interests at all types of Colorado D.M.V. Hearings.

Ross Koplin is a Denver Criminal Lawyer who also represents individuals throughout the state for DUI and all types of traffic and DMV related matters, including in the cities of Denver, Boulder, Aurora, Littleton, Englewood, Castle Rock, Lakewood, Thornton, Fort Collins, Greeley, Greenwood Village, Highlands Ranch, Parker, Wheat Ridge, Westminster, and Broomfield. Ross Koplin is a Denver Criminal Attorney who represents individuals in all counties within the Denver metropolitan region including the counties of Denver, Boulder, Adams, Larimer, Arapahoe, Douglas, Jefferson, El Paso, Weld, Gilpin, Broomfield and Clear Creek.

Legal Disclaimer – The information contained at this web site is not intended to be legal advice and all information regarding Colorado criminal law is general content only and should not be relied upon for any specific Colorado criminal law situation. Information on this web site is not intended to be comprehensive and does not cover all the issues, nuances or ramifications related to the topic discussed. This web site may not be updated routinely to reflect the very most current Colorado law.

Individuals should consult an experienced Colorado criminal lawyer for advice regarding an individual situation.

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